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Hashimoto's Disease?

Follow my simple plan to alleviate chronic fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, food sensitivities and exercise intolerance. 



Bone-tired, fighting to get through your day, relying on caffeine and stimulants to "power through," living in a cloud of brain fog, and tired of being TIRED?

Researching like crazy, trying to pinpoint your root cause, and wondering where to focus your energy?

Trying to quit gluten, dairy, or sugar and lose motivation after a few weeks?

Exhausted no matter how much sleep you get?

Crashing after exercise?

Trying to avoid medication?

Struggling to commit to social events? Constantly canceling plans and feeling flaky or judged because you are too tired to show up?

Nervous to tell family and friends you need to eat differently?

Feeling intense guilt over not being the woman, wife or mother you want or used to be?

Overwhelmed, depressed, and in need of a consistent support system to clarify and achieve your health goals?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is time to take control of your health.


Read on to learn more about the owning your space and thriving with Hashimoto's.

Thyroid Coaching will help you:

  • Pinpoint the root of your symptoms
  • Get off gluten and inflammatory foods and implement the best way to eat for your body without feeling overwhelmed
  • Identify stress triggers, environmental toxins, gut and genetic issues that are making you sick
  • Improve digestion and support your gut
  • Exercise in a way that feeds your body
  • Support your adrenals
  • Lower inflammation and manage flares
  • Detox your home and beauty routines
  • Shift your mindset
  • Release deep-rooted traumas that are causing energy blockages in your body
  • Create long-term habits to support your ongoing health journey so you continue to THRIVE!
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What’s Included:

  • Bi-weekly 50-minute Zoom sessions
  • Email/Text support between sessions
  • Recipes, Meal Plans and Shopping Lists
  • Accountability, Guidance and Resource support
  • Tash's Thyroid Newsletter

3-Month Coaching Package: $895 

6-Month Coaching Package: $1595

What is the cost of NOT investing in yourself?

Hashimoto's thyroid disease took so much from me. I was sick and struggling for over 12 years before I learned how to truly support and heal my body. I was a shell of my former self until implementing the shifts that gave me my life back.

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tired of being tired?

Struggling to function in your daily life? Ready to create space for real CHANGE?

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