Thrive with Five


Daily Thyroid Support

  1. I start my day with hot water & lemon juice. When digested, lemons are alkaline food. They boost the immune system, aid digestion, hydrate the lymph system and are a natural diuretic. I squeeze ½ a lemon into hot water each morning and immediately notice an improvement in energy and digestion.
  2. I strive to avoid a morning rush. I give myself enough time to get ready without putting my body into a state of fight or flight, which drives up cortisol levels and leads to crashing fatigue (along with yelling, rushing, and unnecessary stress). I start by waking up 30 minutes early, an hour before my kiddos, so I have time to breathe and stay balanced during our hectic morning routine. It makes all the difference!
  3. I prepare healthy meals a day ahead. This practice makes it easy to grab & go on my way out the door. A gluten-free sandwich, salad with protein, or leftover dinner (my fave!) are great options. In the evenings, I throw snacks into my backpack for easy retrieval. I keep my work cabinet stockpiled so there’s always something healthy on hand. Fresh fruit, nitrate-free turkey sticks, rice cakes, nut butter, and homemade granola bars are my go-to’s. I stockpile to save money, time, and energy!
  4. I support digestion. I use natural methods and supplements to boost my body’s digestive process. This has been imperative to increased energy, vibrant skin/hair, and an overall sense of well-being. On Sundays, I take 3 minutes to restock my supplement case for the week. This helps me stay on track, regulates my supply, and keeps my body in balance.
  5. I prioritize sleep. Adequate sleep is an essential component of my health, and I am very disciplined with it. I always aim for 8+ hours, more on the days when my body feels taxed (aka, amid a busy week). I love to socialize with family and friends on the weekends, but I am careful not to overschedule so I can allow for 9-10 hours of sleep to let my body rejuvenate.