Hashimoto’s Disease: Discovering Your New Normal

Healing comes in many forms. I experience it with daily celebrations. The ability to plan my day without reservation, to commit to events without pause, and having the energy to play with my kids and animals are just a few examples of how I experience life through a new light. I honor and cherish these moments deeply. They remind me of how far I have come. My attitude, glow, happiness, stamina, and zest for being present in life reflect my healing. I honor these gifts as they present each day. 

I have spoken in depth about the dark days when I couldn’t foresee any sense of this new normal. I tried to visualize my way back to the woman I was before Hashimoto’s. Today I find myself not only celebrating that I recognize her again, but that I honor what truly serves me in the journey. Acknowledging past traumas, habits, mindset, nutrition, and a dedication to integrative medicine has forged my healing path. My body can maintain a state of balance that allows it to fluctuate and adapt. 

When the body resides in a stress-state life centers on routine and control. Leveraging energy becomes essential. This process leads to chronic stress which diminishes hormones. The body is forced to filter its resources to the necessities. Our hair falls out, teeth erode, skin flares, muscles weaken, and eyes darken. Our light dims to a flicker. Locating inflammatory sources to reduce this burden is imperative in reversing the process. Healing requires an all-encompassing approach in calming the nervous system, healing the gut, and eliminating stressors that are depleting the body. By re-igniting our natural processes we create a balanced system that is better prepared to cleanse, function, and thrive. 

Most of my clients are struggling or have completely lost their way. Western medicine, while immensely valuable in certain situations, does not always lend a helping hand on the autoimmune journey. There are many steps to uncover what the body needs to heal. Utilizing food as medicine, eliminating infections, supporting mitochondria, increasing methylation, and stress management create a healing environment. These processes lessen the functional burden and allow our bodies to find homeostasis. Peeling back the layers to expose core issues will lead to health and prosperity. This process takes guidance and dedication. It takes a willingness to love the body unconditionally. 

A commitment to health and healing can take you to places you never thought possible, no matter where your path stalled. Autoimmune disease does not have to control your life. We get one chance on this earth. How do you want to live it?

It’s a journey…

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