Thyroid and Energy Production

Many of us with thyroid and autoimmune disease are sensitive beings. We absorb energy from people and our environment. This exposure affects mood and stamina. For years I looked for ways to absorb energy from outside sources. Then I began to realize that to sustain consistent energy I needed to create a balance within myself. I had to start trusting my center of being and harnessing those gifts.

Establishing a lifestyle that supports an ongoing energetic balance is complicated and important. Our society makes this easy to avoid. Relying on a “quick fix” is not sustainable. It all comes back to the surface. Holding onto old trauma and unhealthy habits is stagnant and creates dis-ease. We must support the body’s need to expel and produce. Energy flow is imperative to consistent health and healing.

Internal energy production requires creating positive habits. Avoid negative self-talk. Practice mindfulness, journaling, visualization, meditation and healing old wounds. Utilize breath work, food as medicine, sufficient sleep, stress-reduction, stillness and appropriate movement. These are all methods of creating energy. They provide a release that allows space for the body to recalibrate its vibration. 

How are you utilizing power and momentum within yourself? What habits are you practicing that make you feel better instead of depleted? Allow yourself to feel and process emotion instead of numbing tactics. Take ownership of how you show up in the world. “As soon as” is not the answer. Challenge yourself to slow down. It isn’t always easy. Maybe it’s never easy! But it matters. A LOT. 

Consider your pace in daily life. Are you protecting your energy or burning the candle at both ends? Are you feeding the flame or stifling it with too many obligations and distractions? Are you living inside your head or your body? How you calibrate energy is an essential part of healing and maintaining balance. 

You have been given the gift of insight to true health. Allow time and space as you work toward new ways of being. There is always a process. Coming into what is real and true for you isn’t always easy. 

Remember, you are worth it. 

It’s a journey…

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