The Importance of Self-Care


The way we perceive and react to our reality is a major component of mental and physical health. There is uncertainty around every corner in a way many of us have never experienced. During these times mindset is crucial to health and well-being. Ask yourself, what can I really control? The ability to stay centered and focused on what we can control establishes a foundation to navigate the obstacles we encounter. A healthy mindset is supported by a myriad of factors: self-care, nutrition, sleep, exercise, and inner-wellness. Part of your inner-wellness is continuing to focus on gratitude. Maintaining this connection is incredibly powerful. This focus will protect and nurture your health through trying times and navigating disease. 

Self-care plays a pivotal role in nurturing a healthy mindset and balancing the body. When we are centered and stable the nervous system doesn’t directly dive into “flight or fight” and the body is better prepared to absorb and redirect. Routine mediation, breathing practices, cloaking, nature therapy, infrared light, and nutrition are a few methods that feed directly into a healthy mindset. Integrating these practices into a routine reinforces our strength when faced with stress and change. A setpoint is created which gives our body a strong foundation to adapt and thrive.

During the past few months, I noticed a distinct change in my mood and emotions when I focus too much on events I cannot control. I felt a certain trepidation creep in. Immoderate exposure to media raises cortisol levels, increases stress response, and lowers the immune system. I’ve now made a valiant effort to focus on self-care and controlling what I can in a healthy way. This creates a foundation for health and branches into many factors of life. This also entails prioritizing simple measures that balance my energy output. Letting go of guilt, unnecessary obligations, and outsourcing tasks that drain my energy are crucial in my health journey. It took me a long time to accept that playing “Super Woman” doesn’t always serve me. I am learning to trust myself. Acknowledging that I am a smart, strong, capable woman and allowing myself rest and rejuvenation are essential to maintaining my health. 

Think about your current mental and physical health practices. How can a focus on self-care and stress reduction provide further support? Take a moment to assess your current self-care practices. What can you add to your routine? Simplify the process so it doesn’t become just another task on your list. 5-10 minutes of morning meditation upon waking, a hot Epsom salt bath, a 30-minute walk in the sunshine, a massage, hiring a cleaning service, post-it notes reminding yourself to BREATHE, an afternoon nap. Listen to your body. Choose 1-2 self-care practices and integrate them into your routine THIS week. 

Remember, small steps lead to big changes. You are worth it. 

Cheers and good health to you all.

It’s a journey…

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