Personality Type and Autoimmune Disease

The components of true healing in my journey with Hashimoto’s has required much trial and error to be revealed. Now that my health is stable I find myself in a space to step back and acknowledge which pieces ultimately brought clarity to my thyroid puzzle. This clarity stems from learning more about how I process the world around me.

Personality tests can give you valuable insight into yourself. Further context of your thought processes and your deepest motivations can serve as a guide.  This knowledge can help create strategies to cope with these insights.  To augment the positive and overcome those tendencies which hinder you. Overall, this can help to better understand your emotions, reactions, and perception of the world.  

There are several options to test personality traits. Myers Briggs, DISC, Enneagram, The Big Five, and Typefinder among many others. I will focus on the Myers-Briggs method and how this tool provides clarity related to my whole health.

My Experience: The Myers Briggs INFJ Personality Type

INFJ. The acronym stands for Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, and Judgment. Based on the Myers Briggs Method, INFJ’s are known as the rarest personality type… whether that is a testing issue or truth we will leave it to chance. However, I have noticed the magnetic energy I share with those of the same type and that many of them struggle with Hashimoto’s and thyroid health. 

Often, INFJ’s are delicate souls who are easily overwhelmed and very sensitive to their surroundings. They absorb energy and can struggle with noise, chaos, and environments they cannot control. They are gentle, caring, and creative people who are highly attuned and sensitive to people’s feelings. Their deep sense of intuition and insight means they can understand people and situations instinctively. While they are often found in caregiving roles, they dislike conflict and violence and will go out of their way to avoid it. Conflict and stress take a toll on INFJs, and they can experience health problems as a result. 

Sound familiar?

INFJ’s are naturally conscious of their environment and view the world through a sensitive lens. Balancing their energy can be an obstacle and sequentially staggers their ability to filter and support kinetic energy. This barrier can put them into a constant state of stress and fight or flight mode. This causes hormone depletion known as the pregnenolone steal and taxes the body’s natural processes. This correlation can feed an autoimmune response and lead to thyroid dysfunction and other health problems. 

Not everyone with Hashimoto’s or thyroid problems is an INFJ. However, my intention in this post is to challenge you to go deeper. Have you been sick for years? Eat the “perfect” diet? Follow the rules and still can’t seem to move beyond a baseline function of health? Are you looking for more answers and wondering why you cannot fully heal? Among the myriad of other factors directly affecting our health there is an energetic component that affects many of us at a level strong enough to stagnate healing. 

Take a moment to assess your daily life and relationship with the outside world. How do you process your home and work environments? Are there simple ways to shift the energy vibration within these places? By organizing your space, adding plants, diffusing essential oils, scented candles, integrating calming sounds (I use a tabletop fountain for running water), creating a place of reprieve (such as an altar or meditation corner), light exposure (ex.integrating natural light, red light, blue light filtering eye-glasses, fluorescent light covers, blackout blinds), and listening to music are a few ways to support mood and stamina. Create a list of appealing options and assess what will work for your situation. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Small, simple shifts lead to big changes. 

We often get caught up in the busyness of life and ignore the things that suck our daily energy. Learning the basic positive and negative tendencies of your personality type can help you tweak your reactivity. The more I learn about my experience as an INFJ and its role in my whole-health, the better I navigate it. 

It’s a journey…


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