Gifts of Hashimoto’s: Owning Your Space

The Soul is part of our healing journey. We have to peel back the layers to discover the core of our issues to let the body release and recalibrate from old wounds and scars. This practice means coming to grips with what serves us and what we have to relinquish to thrive. This work is imperative to true healing. 

Being sick caused me to shrink away from the world. It took away my spark and replaced it with a shell that diminished my usual stature. I am a tall lady-5 ft 10 ½ inches, to be exact. Years ago, a practitioner told me that I didn’t take up space. She was a small and powerful woman with the posture and poise of a holistic lion. She looked up at me and commented that she never realized how tall I am. We had been working together for four months! The conversation that followed clarified her intention. It was more than physicality. I wasn’t showing up as a confident and vibrant woman. I wasn’t owning my space in the world.  

When we are struggling with a disease we detach ourselves physically, mentally and socially. The body and brain are coping with tremendous stress, and baseline functionality becomes the priority. The body conserves energy production when it needs to rest and heal so it retracts to sustain life. Yet, it is unhealthy for this to become a constant state of being. We must acknowledge the balance of the body as a whole to find real health. We have to heal from internal damage to reset our needs and rejoin our path.

Hashimoto’s can cause us to struggle with who we once were, who we are now and who we strive to be. These are different people. And no matter where your healing journey guides you, remember there are many gifts and opportunities along the way. It takes years for the damage to occur. Allow time for healing and discovering what truly serves you. It is a life-long lesson. You will learn so many things about yourself and (as hard as this notion is to absorb) Hashimoto’s can be a gift. It takes an open heart, an open mind and patience to truly understand why you are on this path. 

It’s a journey…

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