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My Thyroid & Autoimmune Journey

Hi, I'm Tash

My health journey has been challenging and inspiring. It has navigated my life for many years and brought me to a place of self-discovery, redefined my outlook on real health and fueled my passion for helping others on their journey.

I was a “normal” person until the birth of my daughter in 2007. Then it all changed. I immediately began feeling very rundown, lived in a fog and had ZERO energy.

I couldn’t tolerate minimal exercise, was eating everything in sight, and rapidly losing weight. Sounds like the perfect diet plan, right?? NO. I felt AWFUL.

However, I was three months postpartum, so many of these issues quickly coincided with symptoms of a condition called “newmommyhood.” Fatigue, brain fog, constant hunger, hair loss, muscle weakness, afternoon crash naps and exercise intolerance.

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My inquiries led to feedback about lack of sleep with a new baby, breastfeeding that will kick up the appetite and hormones that need time to settle after childbirth. I did a little research and requested thyroid testing.

My father has a strange disease called Hashimoto’s and my mother had struggled with thyroid issues for years so I might as well give it a shot. BOOM. My thyroid levels were a mess. The postpartum thyroiditis roller coaster led to Hashimoto’s. Diagnosis, medication, have a nice day — end of the story.

Not so much.

Many people struggle for years to get thyroid testing.

Autoimmunity is often masked as depression, chronic fatigue, symptoms of aging, or even laziness (awesomesauce) and some patients feel better after diagnosis/medication.

Despite testing and diagnosis, this was not my experience. Not even a little bit.

I continued to feel awful. I went into every new doctor’s office with the hope that this one would “fix” me. I put my health and power into their hands. I tried every thyroid medication on the market and went through several intense protocols (medication, supplemental and food-based).

I threw myself into these programs, diligent as a military operation, and my family was along for the ride. I carried potions, supplements, and pills in my purse. I researched and regimented myself into mass amounts of stress that exasperated my symptoms.

I spent thousands of dollars seeing a variety of doctors, including several specialized endocrinologists, internal medicine, OBGYN, integrative, naturopathic and chiropractic practitioners. I tried an ocean of therapies, exercise regimens and special diets. Vegan, vegetarian, low carb, paleo, low fodmap and AIP- I did them all.

I continued to feel tired, unstable, and sick via this “invisible illness” that was ruining my existence. It deeply affected my experience as a mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend. I withdrew socially and guarded myself into a cocoon fueled by my symptoms and total lack of zest for anything.

I was treading water, desperate and a shell of my former self. I was the unicorn no one knew how to treat.


Becoming true to myself and utilizing integrative health resources are imperative components of my health shifts. I want to extend my experience, knowledge and support to those in search of better health, nutrition and autoimmune support.

I want to help others avoid the craziness I experienced for the past decade.

Food, nutrition, and lifestyle are all critical components that have to be part of a balanced puzzle that works for YOU.

It’s a journey…

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professional bio

Tash Harris is a Thyroid Health Blogger and Health Coach who supports clients in managing their health and thyroid symptoms through lifestyle shifts, empowerment and education.

Tash’s health journey inspired her to create a resource that supports and guides clients through a whole-body, bio-individual approach to thyroid disease and health goals.

She is the founder of www.tashharris.com and “Tash’s Thyroid” health blog.
She lives in Wyoming with her husband and two children.

Tash is a certified Health Coach through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).