Get Healthy: From The Inside Out

food as medicine

In such times of uncertainty, there is a lot of talk about preparation. As we continue to reintegrate work, school, and activities we are questioning the best methods and safe practices to support the transition. I deeply respect bio-individual needs for social distancing and physical precautions. However, there is a lack of focus on the immune system and the importance of building & supporting our internal defenses as we migrate back toward our previous lives. 

Each fall season presents new opportunities for growth and connections. It also brings us back inside a physical space exposed to microbes and chemicals. This year returning to school includes a layer of fear and physical caution. Focusing on control and preparation can lead to anxiety. These emotions feed the flight or fight cycle and lower immunity. Instead of heading into a stress spiral, I am choosing an internal focus. In the weeks leading to the start of school, my family will focus on enhanced supplementation of vitamins D, B, A, C, and Zinc. We will prioritize nourishing foods, moving our bodies outside, social connections, and rest. This practice entails incorporating small activities that provide healthy distractions to feed positivity and happiness. 

Like many of us, I have a sensitive immune system that lets me know when I have pushed too far. Balancing activities is another component of our transition each school year. Adding too many commitments taxes my energy and throws me into a state of constant preparation while treading water. Balance and self-care are my power tools in sustaining my health, navigating the unknown, and ultimately thriving. 

No matter what your transition looks like, I urge you to focus on your immune system. Choose three actions that support immunity and a healthy mindset. Commit to incorporating them into your weekly routine. Focus on adding LESS to your plate. Promoting self-care isn’t an indulgence but rather one of the most powerful tools in the process. Keep your gas tank full so that your body can navigate exposure to new challenges. Use this time to focus internally to create a balance that feeds a strong setpoint. Challenging times allow us to reassess while we shift and grow. 

It’s a journey…

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