Detox Your Beauty Routine: Part #2

Many of us are working to cleanse and detox from the indulgent holiday season. However, there is another area where many of us can use a little cleaning up. What we put on our bodies directly impacts our detox system and liver function. Cutting down on the number of chemicals in your daily routine can have a big impact on health, and supports the methylation cycle, especially if you have the MTHFR gene mutation.

This blog will focus on body, skin, and hair products. These products are an immense improvement in cleanliness and toxicity compared to most standard beauty options. It can be challenging to transition out of commercial products, and the following options have been great alternatives as I delve deeper into the process. Click the product titles for direct links to more information.

I began testing out BeautyCounter products last summer. I love their CounterMatch Refresh Foaming cleanser. This cleanser is creamy and never leaves my face feeling leached. I use it on both my face and body with no issues. The CounterSun Sunscreen SPF 30 is another staple in my routine. I wear this sunscreen every day and have never experienced the oil slick effect that often accompanies facial sun creams. I am testing more BeautyCounter products and will provide an update after an appropriate trial period. 

Body Wash: Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Pure Castile Soap & Everyone 3-In-1 soap (Coconut/Lemon & Citrus/Mint are my faves). 

Dr. Bronner’s soap has a strong, clean scent that leaves my skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Plus, a little goes a long way!

Alaffia Everyday Shea Bodywash is another personal favorite. It lathers easily and leaves my skin feeling clean without drying it out.


My new favorite products come from Biossance. So far, I have tried the Squalane Omega Repair Cream, Vitamin C/Dark Spot Serum, Phyto Retinol Serum, Lactic Acid Resurfacing Night Serum, Peptide Eye Gel & Eye Cream, and love everything! I have very dry/sensitive skin and was surprised how light yet intensely hydrating the Squalane Omega Repair Cream is and switched from a previous product I had used for years. 

Body Lotion: I have become a big fan of DERMA-E products. The Vitamin E Fragrance-Free/Therapeutic Shea Body Lotion hydrates my skin and absorbs quickly without feeling greasy. 

Hand Cream: DERMA E Rosehip & Almond, Protecting Shea Hand, and Cuticle Cream, 2 oz is fantastic for keeping my hands hydrated, plus it smells great!  

Deodorant: This one is tough! I am a sweaty Croatian lady who is always on the run. I need sweat/odor protection that works without nasty chemicals like aluminum, parabens, propylene glycol, and triclosan. Our bodies need to sweat to support methylation, a process many Hashi’s folks struggle with, and the last thing we need is to stifle the process. My favorites are: Simple Truth (available on several sites) and Native Deodorant in Coconut/Vanilla 

Toothpaste: I avoid fluoride since the exposure links to an autoimmune reaction in the thyroid gland. Many organic kinds of toothpaste leave my teeth feeling gritty and coated as if I never brushed them at all. 

Tom’s of Maine Fluoride-Free Whitening toothpaste is my current fave. My teeth feel clean and well-scrubbed. 

Shampoo & Conditioner: I pay good money to color my hair (organically when possible), so why waste money washing it down the drain? Here are a few good alternatives to salon products filled with chemicals and who knows what else:

Andalou 1000 Roses Color Care Shampoo 

Alba Botanica Colorific Shampoo, Plumeria

Alba So Smooth and Coconut Drink it Up Conditioner 

Mineral Fusion Color Care Shampoo 


Andalou Naturals Sunflower & Citrus Brilliant Shine Spray. This spray provides a light to medium hold and has worked very well on my thin but full head of hair. 

These products aren’t 100% clean but an improvement over the professional/commercial-grade sources I used for years without thinking about their impact on my health. I order many of these products through Vitacost for easy one-stop shopping, great prices, and fast/free shipping over $50. 

The skin is our largest organ. It constantly absorbs and filters chemicals and toxins. Cleaning up your beauty regimen is a simple way to ease the detoxification process and burden on the liver. Start small, replace products as they run out, and try new things. Be mindful of not only what you put into your body but also what you put on it. 

It’s a journey…

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