Detox Your Beauty Routine: Part #1

Today, I am sharing my favorite beauty products. I strive for options rated and verified through the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and the “Think Dirty” App. The app rates products on a 1-10 scale, clarifies ingredients and provides alternatives.  I strive to choose products below 3 on the dirty rating, yet it can be…

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Recovering from Thyroid Disease

“Normal.”  January can be a tough month of recovery as we recalibrate back to normal life.  I love the holidays yet they inevitably take their toll on our routines of self care and wellness. These changes add up and should be thoughtfully addressed. In addition to post-holiday fatigue these uncertain times maintain their own complexities…

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Get Healthy: From The Inside Out

food as medicine

In such times of uncertainty, there is a lot of talk about preparation. As we continue to reintegrate work, school, and activities we are questioning the best methods and safe practices to support the transition. I deeply respect bio-individual needs for social distancing and physical precautions. However, there is a lack of focus on the…

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The Importance of Self-Care


The way we perceive and react to our reality is a major component of mental and physical health. There is uncertainty around every corner in a way many of us have never experienced. During these times mindset is crucial to health and well-being. Ask yourself, what can I really control? The ability to stay centered…

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