Autoimmune Flares: 5 Ways To Support Your Thyroid During Change

Last year, I made a profound decision. I followed my heart and gut to grow professionally and support our family balance. Initially, I felt a deep sense of peace. This was unexpected but welcome for my Type A personality that craves security, busyness, and routine. 

However, in the months that followed powerful emotions came to the surface. Feelings of insecurity and a general sense of anxiety radiated through my mind and body. On top of navigating the mental piece, Hashimoto’s disease added another layer to the stress response. The experience brought about a series of flares that tugged at my throat and energy. This was a strong reminder that my body isn’t comfortable with change. Even when it’s for the greater good. 

Busyness and routine are prominent components of our society and can dictate our pace. There have been episodes in my life when I have embraced and thrived under such demands. Staying busy keeps my mind and body occupied but crowds out idleness. Sifting through the noise in order to welcome stillness and space is a challenging and evolving piece on the healing path that keeps my cup full.  

Change is scary for the brain and body. It disrupts our mental and physical patterns and throws the subconscious into overdrive. The subconscious brain is not logical or rational. It reacts purely based on the instinct of what it defines as “safe” and “not safe.” New shifts, even healthy shifts, can be part of a stress response that throws the body out of whack; especially when it has been residing in a sympathetic state of fight or flight. With the change we endure the process of our subconscious accepting a new normal and its powerful methods of snapping us back into old patterns and habits. 

Moving forward…

Navigating change is a delicate dance with the immune system. Here are a few tips to soften the process, invite transition, and hold space for the body to recalibrate:

LISTEN to your body and communicate safety. Practice daily breathing exercises, meditation, journaling, and movement to keep those channels open and energy flowing. Anxiety can freeze the process that festers into a cesspool of dis-ease, stagnation, and analysis paralysis.  

RELEASE limiting beliefs. Replace your limiting beliefs with a power statement. Repeat your power statement to yourself at the start and end of each day as an affirmation of strength and possibility.

ENGAGE in the process and roll with resilience. Acknowledge and respect innate resistance to change and give yourself space to create new perspectives. Sometimes, all we need is a little time to shift into a new direction and drop into a new way of being. 

SHIFT your perspective and utilize available resources. Communicate with family, friends, and other members of your support system. Seek a coach or therapist for professional guidance. Don’t hesitate to invest in yourself and respect your worth. We all hold unique gifts and sometimes need a little help fostering them. 

CREATE actionable goals. Set deadlines for important tasks to move through necessary steps and stimulate momentum. A clear plan is an immense asset in navigating change, settling the mind, and moving forward. 

It’s a journey…

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